Attention: Campus Tobacco Policy Now Includes E-Cigarettes and Vaping Devices

Western Oklahoma State college will be in full compliance with Governor of Oklahoma’s Executive Order 2012-01 (issued February 6, 2012) and Executive Order 2013-43 (issued December 23, 2013) prohibiting the use of any tobacco product, electronic cigarette, or vaping device throughout all indoor and outdoor areas or property owned or under the control of Western, including parking areas, outdoor common areas, sporting facilities, outside buildings and in vehicles used by Western employees whenever conducting business anywhere.
Included in this ban are tobacco products of all types (including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff and all other kinds and forms of tobacco prepared in such a manner to be suitable for spit tobacco use, smoking, or both).  This ban also includes herbal tobacco products (including but not limited to cloves, bidis, and kreteks) and simulated tobacco products that imitate or mimic tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, pipes or other types of inhalation devices.
Noncompliance by a student will be handled by the Dean of Student Support Services in accordance with procedures outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, pages 185-191 of the 2013-2014 College Catalog.
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