Student Reflection on Pioneer Band

My name is Alysha and I am a Western Oklahoma State Pioneer. I am President of Psi Beta, a member of Phi Theta Kapa, a charter member of Rotaract, but my favorite of all, I’m a Western Pioneer Jazz Band member. I am not a music major but band is still my favorite. Why is band my favorite? Without having band in my college life, I would feel like something is missing. Band is my favorite because its fun. I don’t know what I would do without band. It keeps me motivated, not just in band class, but all my classes. Sometimes, classes get stressful when your learning so much information all at once. For me, I tend to focus on the stress and not so much the learning I’m taking in, but in band, its improvement I can feel and hear. Knowing that I can get better at playing just by practice and hard work, I know I can get through any studies with the same amount of dedication as I give to band. Not only do I love playing here at Western, but I love the environment it holds. Rehearsals can be fun and concerts are exciting. The band members are great with others because we know that we have to work as a group to achieve the sound we want. Not one person that chooses to be in band is left out. Whether or not you are a music major, first chair material or just beginning, you are welcomed here at Western Oklahoma State College band. Mr. Gardner makes class fun for everyone that joins and that is why I enjoy being a Pioneer Band member over all my other extra college activities.

Alysha May, Sophomore Behavioral Science Major and 2014 Pioneer Graduate

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